We are media production company created by people who love what they do: creating.

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Our history

Atopic Studio is an audio-visual production company that was born in 2016 from our need to show the world our young, dynamic and show-stopping vision. Currently, we face big-scale productions, and we take care of all phases of projects, from brainstorming to production, direction and post-production, etc.

urthermore, we have created Atopic Content due to the increase in demand of online content. This is a solution of monthly content, be it video or photography, for the brands that require recurring quality content, with a smaller production and shorter deadlines.

Why choose us

Because we don´t leave anything to chance.

We are present from the brainstorming to the script writing, direction and post-production of image and sound, as well as colour-grading.

Our services

Everything in the same place

We work together with the client or agency to mould the essence and personality of each project. We look for inspiration, make storyboards, among others, to find the ultimate idea.
From the phase previous to shooting until the final one, production is at the core of everything. That is why we look for locations, transport, catering, licenses, we build our artistic and technical crew/equipment so we avoid any inconveniences along the process.
A talented team of producers that take care of moulding the idea and conveying it through images as best as possible. Every single one of them is unique, that is why we always choose the one that’s fitter for the project.
Our work goes straight into post-production, where we rely one a specialised team of producers versed on the latest trends. Image and sound edition and colour grading all in the same place.
Atopic Studio has a set and designated areas for shooting, as well as make-up area, freight elevator, a terrace and multitasking spaces to action any type of production.

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